Sunday, June 24, 2007

While out at the Heineken Green Room event featuring Buzzin' Fly DJs Jimpster and Justin Martin at the National Museum of Singapore on Wednesday night, my friend, one of the hardcore kings of clubbing in Singapore, comes up to me and tells my guy friend dancing next to me, "You can tell she's a real raver. She may be looking all office-y and dressed up, but you can tell she's a true raver by her shoes."

For the record, I was wearing a nicely elegant shirt, a short skirt and trainers.


As for the event itself... well, the music was good and the venue - one of the empty rooms in the museum - was pretty cool. The crowd sucked though. They seemed far more interested in being outside or chatting or basically, generally not appreciating the music.

I guess one reason could have been because this was the most poorly organised Green Room event I have been to so far. While I was always told that I had already signed up and been registered for the event, apparently flyers didn't go out on time, and neither did reminders, leaving a fellow Green Room member and I to debate at 11.30 pm on Wednesday whether the event was still on. Geez, organisers, for such an established record label, there was some seriously bad publicity.

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