Monday, July 09, 2007

And now for your weekly dose of I love Heroes (now with spoilers and twice the size!):

Heroes #1:
So I finally watched the season finale. 23 weeks of my life spent following this series. And that's IT?

Nathan flies off with Peter and now both of them may be dead? Sylar, in spite of having been stabbed through the heart, escapes? Matt Parkman, the most annoying and boring character of the entire show, might still return? And why on earth did Hiro, in spite of all that samurai training with Daddy (aka Mr. Sulu), just well, poke his sword through Sylar? LAME!

To put it mildly, I'm a little frustrated. Still, I'll miss having it around. I can't wait for the new season to come!

Favourite parts:
  • The Milo. As always, he is hot.
  • Ando's "You look badass" and Hiro's delighted "Really?" in response
  • Claire declaring "I already have a family" and jumping out the window so that she can help save the world instead of being kept safe
  • HRG's "Call me Noah." Ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Hiro, after accidentally hurling himself hundreds of years into the past, swearing in Japanese, with the subtitles, "#@*$" Hee!
Heroes #2:
The cast of Heroes will be coming to Singapore in August as part of the promotional tour for the DVD launch. Most of the main cast will participate in the tour, including my favourite Heroes, Milo and Masi Oka. Yay!

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