Thursday, August 30, 2007

This hasn't been one of my better weeks. I guess one could say I should have seen it coming the moment I ended up working till 9 pm both days of last weekend, but, quite frankly, I am almost kind of used to it, given the industry I work in, and more particularly, the fact that I have now officially worked for more than five years.

But the truth is, I didn't bargain on a health-related issue on getting me down.

I'd been fighting off what felt like flu for about a week when Monday rolled around, and I'd gone to an eye surgeon for a second opinion on my eye infection that same day. The good news then was that he disagreed with my first doctor, and the bad news now is that the strength of the eye drops prescribed to me, and the intensity with which my infection was treated over the last few days, have led to my eye pressure increasing, and consequently, my suffering from unilateral headaches (headaches on one side of my head) or more accurately, unilateral face-aches. Even my teeth hurt.

While all this was happening, one of my colleagues - the lead in a big presentation we're giving tomorrow - was warded with a pregnancy-related complication. She's since been discharged and she seems to be doing better, but that meant my having to step up and take on part of the presentation, not to mention having to go through the entire presentation and check it for errors given my familiarity with the subject matter compared to my other colleagues.

I don't mind stepping up. In fact, I positively relish it. But I've stepped up so much since joining this company that honestly, I'm exhausted. So when I now have to grapple with this while recovering from one infection and suffering pain from another, it just gets to me more than it normally does.

In any case, the doctor's reduced the dosage of my eye drops. In fact, I'm supposed to come off them in a few days as usage needs to taper off, instead of stopping abruptly, if I want whatever it is that's been bugging me to go away. The problem is that my eye infection's been treated for so long that the doctor says he's not sure what it was in the first place. So I'm continuing to use those eye drops but to a much lesser extent (three times a day for today, and twice a day tomorrow, as opposed to every three hours for the last two days) and hopefully, that pain will go away after I've had some sleep.


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