Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rogue Assassin is a show I recommend everyone not to see. Even die-hard Jet Li fans would be disappointed. There isn't much, if any, martial arts action at all in this show, and although there's a rather innovative twist towards the end of the show (a twist which prompted my friend to go, "hah?!" out loud), ultimately, this show is a waste of one's time and money. Well, not the latter for the three of us who were watching us, as we were using up soon-to-expire movie vouchers, but still, the waste of my time and brain power in trying to make sense of the show was too high a price to pay for this film.

And - if you still intend to watch it, then right now, turn away because of SPOILERS - there are two overriding questions which any discerning viewer should come out with after the show:
  1. What kind of sensible, top-class assassin has never met his employer after years of employment? Especially when the employer has never made any attempt to disguise who he is (i.e. voice-on-the-phone kind of stuff)?
  2. What the heck is up with the Horses? If everyone has been fighting over them for 30 years, surely some time should be taken to explain exactly what makes them so valuable, and why it took the owners/thieves 30 years to move them?
And Devon Aoki? I haven't seen her in very many movies, but man, she sure has had better days.

And sure contender for the worst exchange ever in a movie?
Soon-to-be-killed Yakuza henchman to FBI agent, Jack: If we were in Japan, you'd be dead by now.
Agent Jack: We're not in Japan (shoots guy dead)

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