Sunday, October 14, 2007

I met up with a friend recently to have lunch and catch up on what's been going on with our lives since we last saw each other last year (or more accurately, at her wedding much earlier this year). Amidst the job changes and her wedding, our schedules hadn't matched at all, until recently, when her office relocated to within walking distance of mine.

As I will be leaving Singapore really soon, she insisted I eat Asian food seeing as that's the one thing I won't be eating for some time (although as long as Chinatown remains one of the more affordable options in London, that's probably not true). I was really craving a burger so I compromised by ordering a chicken burger from Wham!burger (B1-22, China Square). The burger patty - chicken fillet marinated in satay sauce - was amazing. The meat was tender, and the sauce incredibly tasty. There was no other topping in the burger other than the usual lettuce leaf or two, but it didn't matter. The burger was amazing.

In addition, I'd ordered a side of chilli con carne as part of their special set (add S$1 more to get any side such as fries, coleslaw and chilli). It was all a bit much for me, especially given that I'm attempting to maintain my weight (or even lose given that I'll definitely gain during the winter) but all in all, it was definitely worth it.

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