Sunday, October 28, 2007

No, I'm not gone yet. A crucial document I needed got lost in the mail, and thanks to that, I still haven't managed to get my entry clearance for the UK. I'll post here when details get confirmed as to when I'll be winging my way out of sunny and far-too-hot Singapore.

On another note, people have been commenting on how it's a good stage in my life for me to be making this move. I'm still (surprisingly) young and don't have any dependents or attachments to Singapore, hence ought to be able to make this move without too much baggage.

I do agree, and have been feeling that if I had to make this move next year, I may not have had the strength to leave, given that practically my whole life and support system are here. I do love London, and I am so very bored with Singapore, but the truth is, the friends here have been the main reason I've been able to survive the last few crazy, insanely stressful years I've gone through.

But it's not true that I don't have any attachments. Other than my good friends, there's also the bf. He's not new at all, though I know I haven't mentioned anything about a bf in the blog this year. It's fair to say he and I have been on and off ever since we met over 2.5 years ago, and right now, we're back on again, even though I'll be leaving in a few days.

There's also a good friend of mine who I haven't blogged about at all just yet. He is a very nice and sweet guy, and I know I can count on him whenever I need help. When my grandmother passed away earlier this year, just before my CFA exam, he came to the wake bearing food, coffee and sample exam answers to help me get through that tough time. He gives me a ride whenever I need one, and helps me carry heavy stuff to other places. In short, he performs all these boyfriend functions without being a boyfriend. Some people have pointed out that among all of the female friends in our group, I get along the best with him, and that, in fact, he'd be one of the few who could match me in terms of his own career potential.

Do I like him? In truth, I do have a small crush on him. I think he's good-looking and as mentioned earlier, very sweet. Where's the catch, you might ask? There's got to be one if we're still just friends. And there is... a very big catch at that. I am also a good friend of his ex-girlfriend's... his ex-girlfriend of over four years. It's been over a year since they split up, and I know they're not going to get back together but I just don't feel it'd be right for me to make a move, or heck, even if he initiated it, given that I'm good friends with both of them.

My life, as ever, is complicated. I truly hope that with this move, my life can become a little more simple.

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