Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another hot Grey's Anatomy moment from Ep 3.02 I am a Tree, as described by Television Without Pity (the must-go site for anyone who's as big a couch potato as I am):
[Meredith] starts listing off all the things [Finn] is: sweet, kind, sensitive, et cetera. Finn tells her that he knows she has a decision to make, and he doesn't want to rush her, but he does want to make one thing clear. Mere: "What's that?" Finn: "I'm not all that sensitive." And then he [pushes her up against the wall and] KISSES HER. Because he's SO CUTE.
I know it's one of those "you had to see it" kind of moments, but my gosh, that was one heck of a hot moment. Yum.

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