Monday, February 11, 2008

I meant to re-start my stuttering dance campaign today. Really, I did. But after having gone to bed between midnight and 1 am today, and waking up some time before 6.30 am in order to transport everything I purchased over the weekend back to my flat, I was just too tired to drag myself out of the office for my first dance class in, well, a very long time.

The campaign, initially launched the first day I started working, has seen few periods of activity; in fact, the longer the gap between such periods, the less inclined I am to go to a dance class, suffering from both the fear that age has dulled my hand and leg co-ordination ability (not terribly good at the best of times, as I really can only focus on one area at one time), as well as the fact that while I am getting older, the age of the students which form up the large majority of any class I attend is not moving along with me.

Perhaps I should take heed and move on to more mature classes like line dancing. I kid. I still love to groove, regardless of the deterioration in my psycho-motor skills, and until my body tells me I really can't keep doing this, I'll continue to give it my level best. So tomorrow, I'll pop along to class.

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