Thursday, March 06, 2008

Being Singaporean

Me: So I was at Bellini Room last night, and saw this really sleazy, try-hard singer.
X.: Oh, yes! I've seen him too!
Me: There was a birthday celebration, and he pulled the female, and sat her down on stage and sang her a birthday song, which was okay in itself. But the second verse, he got down on his knee, and sang, well... to her chest.
X.: Eeew!
Me: And when he started singing, my male friend just said, "I think I need to go to the toilet" and left. I couldn't watch, it just feel so skeezy... kind of like how I felt when I was watching Triple Nine and watching James Lye and Wong Li-Lin get it on.
X. and Y.: Ha ha ha ha ha!
Me: I probably revealed something which has taken my coolness quotient down quite considerably.
Y.: No! I watched Triple Nine as well... and VR Man.
X.: Singapore's first superhero!
Me: They should call him out and get him to look for Mas Selamat.
Y.: That would be an awesome episode.

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