Monday, March 10, 2008

I was having drinks with an old friend the other day when we were discussing our (lack of) love lives. Turns out that he'd been dating, but hadn't found anyone who he liked enough to get into a relationship with and that he was currently concentrating on getting promoted.

We also clarified that our definition of dating meant "going out with the same person at least three times." At times like these, I'm both amused and slightly saddened that we have to clarify the terms we are using, just in case we're operating on different wavelengths.

Then, he just said, "At least I can take comfort in the fact that I'm a guy, and that my value will appreciate over time." He didn't continue, but the rest could be inferred.

"Did you just seriously refer to me as a depreciating asset?" I asked.

"Well, an older man can get together with a younger girl, but you don't usually see the other way round," he replied with a straight face, before bursting into laughter because he just knew what my response would be (which, for the record, involved a very loud denunciation in the middle of a not-too-crowded bar with a live band performing, probably wondering what my shriek of irritation was regarding).

He does have a point though. I do sometimes wonder whether all the time and energy I have been putting into my career has been worth it, given that, back in Singapore, I've felt as if the opportunity cost for getting to where I am has been a little too high.

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