Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's Man Utd vs. Arsenal tomorrow afternoon. I'm quite anxious about the game because Chelsea are nipping at our heels. But more than that, I miss my football-watching kaki back home. We didn't watch every game together, but we did make an effort to catch the big games. And by anyone's definition, tomorrow's game is a big game.

It doesn't really help that said kaki is also the same person referenced here and here. I've only ever admitted liking him to one of my best friends, one's who's close to the ex-girlfriend of this guy, the ex-girlfriend who's also a good friend of mine.

See how complicated that last paragraph was?

In any case, the best friend told me that she'd suspected something was up, because the two of us (meaning kaki and I) are good friends who hang out quite a bit together, and the way we looked in a photo we took when I was back home. She also said that if anything ever occurred, she'd be on my side because kaki and I had been friends independently of ex-girlfriend (as in we'd met before they got together, and our friendship hadn't been predicated on the fact that he'd been going out with a good friend of mine). In addition, it'd been ex-girlfriend who'd initiated the break, so my best friend said she had no reason to object if I wanted to go out with kaki.

Still, we agreed it was a moot point; I'm here, he's there. I've always maintained that it's just because he's a nice guy and I'm a nice girl that people are reading way more into our friendship than there really is, because neither one of us has, as far as I am aware, ever made any overtures which could be considered more than platonic.

But I'll admit: I miss his being around, I miss his nice-ness and his checking in on me every now and then, and I definitely miss having a fellow Man Utd fan around to catch the game with.

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