Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh, cool, I found a couple of other blog post reviewing coffee places in London, so this gives me a few others to add on to my list!

I tried Bullet on the third floor of Snow & Rock on Mercer Street today. Here's my quick review.

Food: Not much in the way of choice. There were only three types of paninis and one salad in the chiller by the time I got there at 2 pm. In terms of sweets, there was a pie of some sort, two types of cookies and some brownies. The brownie was incredibly dense, and utterly divine.

Beverages: The cappuccino was pretty good. Bullet uses organic fairtrade coffee, which are supposed to taste better than regular coffee. I don't know if it's true, but this cup of java was definitely good enough to be drunk without sugar, unlike what you'd get in Caffe Nero. The cappuccino was served with two marshmallows on the side, which I thought was slightly odd, but sweet nonetheless... in all senses of the word!

Prices: Given that this is in Covent Garden, prices were a little on the high side. An espresso cost £1.50 while a cappuccino and a flat white cost £2. The brownie was £2, about the same as you'd get from Flour Power City, although perhaps only 75% of the size. Paninis were £3.40, slightly high given they didn't look too appetising, but I think that's the normal rate for a panini in this city.

Service: I think service was generally all right. The New Zealand barista who served me was quite pleasant, offering to warm my brownie, but they lost some marks for taking a while to serve my cappuccino. I don't know if he had forgotten or if they were waiting for me to finish my brownie, but it took ten minutes before I got my beverage.

Size: The place is a little on the small side. There are only about four or five tables, and two sofa seating areas, so not many people can sit there before it becomes either too noisy or too crowded or both.

Ambiance: As mentioned above, it can get a little cramped and definitely a little too noisy.

Facilities: There are two Internet PCs free for customers to use. Restrooms were quite clean.

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