Sunday, April 13, 2008

Woo hoo! 2-1! And Manchester United have effectively put an end to Arsenal's season. It was only about a month ago when the Gunners were leading the league and still in the Champions League too. How quickly fortunes can change.

As noted by football kaki, whom I was texting throughout the second half because it was filled with way too many heart-in-my-mouth moments therefore causing me to not be able to concentrate on studying at all, we still haven't lost when we're both watching the games. which is good to hear. His comment is a reference to my semi-superstitious belief that whenever I watch Man U play live, they invariably lose. Glad that I've met someone who's counteracted that so effectively!

There'll be a couple of photo-filled posts up soon. One will be incredibly frivolous, detailing how I've just gone utterly crazy for all things MAC, while another will be expounding on the joy that is indie twee pop band Los Campesinos!, who make songs so happy and joyful that everything ought to contain an exclamation mark (or two)!!

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