Sunday, May 25, 2008

It certainly has been an interesting week. The day after Man Utd's Double win, which of course left me in a sheer state of ecstasy, I got into work in the afternoon, having been out of the office on work in the morning, blissfully unaware that a number of my colleagues had been made redundant.

My entire team was safe, as it turned out, and good thing too, because quite a few of us, like myself, had been in and out of the office last week, and, hence, probably wouldn't have found out till after the late May bank holiday if that hadn't been the case.

Unfortunately, something else far worse hit my team, and I will now have to cover for a colleague and am scheduled to take a two-day business trip next week.

It's been a little crazy. I feel bad for getting this opportunity, even while telling one of my junior colleagues that they shouldn't feel guilty for being safe, because, quite honestly, this is probably just one of several rounds to come. At the same time, I'm a little freaked, because as the exam date nears, every little thing just makes me more and more twitchy.

And I do feel bad for wanting to step up and help out as much as I can while, at the same time, recognising that I really do need the time out to be as prepared as I possibly can be for the exam.

It reminds me of when I was working in Singapore last year and I expressed my worry that the team wouldn't be able to cope with the increased workload after I left for London, and my regional head told me that it's the team's problem, not mine, and that I shouldn't jeopardise my chances in London by asking for a delayed transfer date just to help out my soon-to-be-old team.

I recognise that I can't control everything, and that I can't do everything either, but still, I feel bad.

And, yes, I recognise that there are other things - far, far worse things - that have occurred and continue to occur out there, and that, in the grand scheme of things, my own worries are insignificant. Still, I do have the right to want to do all I can on the matters which I can actually affect, yes?

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