Monday, May 26, 2008

Proof that the CFA examination is good for the global economy: I have bid on a number of eBay items sold both in the UK and the US (even though auctions for the latter tend to end at unreasonably late hours but at least it gives me a good incentive to continue staying up late to study). Today, I was outbid on a Mondrian-inspired dress which fills me with regret even though my kiam siap-ness (attributable to my eminently sensible Chinese heritage) means that I usually don't overbid on items I'm not entirely sure will fit with my general wardrobe.

I'm tempted to list the designers who have been occupying my mind recently, but until I get my hands on those dresses, I'd much rather not, in case I inadvertently create further competition for myself! But darn those HMRC folks for imposing customs and duties taxes for anything worth over £18. Because once the customs and duties are imposed, the Post Office will impose a further handling charge (usually around £20 or higher) and that can more than double the cost of anything you purchase from overseas. I'm kind of tempted to ask some friends in the US or Singapore if they'd be willing for me to have stuff shipped to them and I'll pick it up next time when I'm in their neck of the woods, but I feel quite embarrassed to impose on them like that. I can't do that to my folks as we're right in the midst of moving.

Sigh. Little Miss Random Shopaholic is getting quite antsy as a number of things she dearly wishes to purchase have popped up on eBay in the US right as of yesterday and this morning.

P.S. Doesn't the Mondrian dress by YSL (created in 1965) look amazing? Instant love! Diane von Furstenberg may be one of my favourite designers, but her recent Mondrian-inspired dress, lovely as it is, doesn't come anywhere close! I just love how bright the original is.

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