Saturday, May 10, 2008

On a gorgeous day like this (27 degrees in Spring in London?!), I found myself having to venture out some 2 km to the nearest DIY store to get some tools to rectify some household malfunctions.

Along the way, I picked up a T-shirt from Uniqlo's T-shirt collection as well as a polka-dotted belt and an All Saints dress, the latter two costing a grand total of £4. Not actually sure what the sellers were on, but I'm pretty sure if I were inclined to put the dress up on eBay, I get a pretty good return on it, given that All Saints dresses usually cost in excess of £50.

All this while wearing a T-shirt and short skirt, what I usually throw on when I run errands in Singapore.

Now, having repaired the household problem, and hitting the CFA books once again, two things are running through my head:
  1. I don't understand these mathematical equations. I'm f***ed.
  2. F***, I'm bored.


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