Saturday, June 14, 2008

The FT features an interview with one of my favourite designers, Diane von Furstenberg. While it's not ground-breaking or mind-shattering in any sense, I liked this part:

"If I have to give you some advice, the most important thing is: the sooner you become your own best friend, the better your life will be. Chances are, if you keep a diary, you are already there.”

Does she keep a diary? “I used to... But because diaries are the place you use to express your sadness and frustration, and I don’t have any of that any more.”
I found it especially relevant because, yesterday, I was explaining to a friend the reason why I blogged even though I tend to keep it relatively anonymous, and, how, even if I blogged about certain issues which upset me, I'd rather not be asked about them in person. It's just a way of getting everything off your chest.

[geek]Plus, the linking features of blogging work so much better than going through piles and piles of journals when you want to write about related matters.[/geek]

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