Sunday, June 15, 2008

I purchased a Lilly Pulitzer dress on Etsy the other day, thinking it was as what the seller had described it to be: a vintage 1980s dress.

After receiving it, and determining that it just about fit me (vintage sizing is quite different from modern day sizing), I did some checking online and was a tad distressed to find that the dress wasn't actually vintage but was more likely from the label post its 1993 relaunch, although the sizing is still clearly vintage sizing (there's no way I'm a modern US size X as stated on that label).

One might think, well, she's going to wear it anyway, so what does it matter?

Well, I did kind of mean it the other day when I said I was building up my alternative investments portfolio. But if I keep it for another few years, it might actually be considered properly vintage (i.e. more than 20 years old). And assuming I don't gain any weight, I might get some value out of wearing it too. Hee!

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