Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's been a bit of an interesting last few days. And I guess, with some satisfaction and a certain level of regret, the interesting has come to an end. There's been this guy in my office who, for want of a better term, I shall call my work boyfriend. A work boyfriend is the guy you work with and regularly hang out with in terms of lunch and drinks and maybe even gossip and all that, but everything's platonic. In short, different from the office crush (in my case, the Lad).

Now, the work boyfriend (WBF) is an awesomely nice guy. He's amazingly intelligent and very generous in terms of what he gives of himself to other people and reminds me so much of both myself and my first boyfriend when I was his age that it's alarming. I've actually been chastising him for being such a nice person; I've been down that road and I just don't want to see someone as nice as him get hurt or taken advantage of.

Notice I used "when I was his age" in the above paragraph. If it weren't for the fact we work in the same office, then it would be the fact that he is quite a bit younger than I am which is why this would never work.

At this point, you're probably thinking, no, not again, not another post about another guy she likes. For goodness' sake, woman! Pull yourself together!

Well, you're wrong. In this instance, it's the WBF who likes me. I found this out because I asked. He didn't admit it initially, but I just thought my judgement couldn't be that far off in this regard. And he finally admitted it earlier tonight. That's where the satisfaction comes in - from being correct.

Part of me does actually recipocate, but only a small part, because the rest of me is eminently sensible. As I mentioned, we work in the same office, and, more particularly, he is quite a bit younger than I am. And if age weren't a barrier, then it would be the fact that I am his senior in the office, even if we don't work in the same team. I just don't do things like that.

And just as I typed that last statement, I felt a certain amount of regret. If I had been younger, or not the level that I am, I think I would definitely have considered it. But I'm not. I'm old(er) and just that bit too jaded, just that bit too not quite over having been just that admittedly tiny bit messed up from the last two people I dated.

And there is still the Lad, who has moved off to the other building, and who I still miss just a little. The office has felt a little more boring without his presence.

I definitely need to meet more people outside of work.

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