Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's not easy being in an office when you are feeling extremely bored by work when you are not being as challenged as you need to be, and, hence, are not doing as good a job as you ought to be. To top that off, being distracted by two guys, both of whom are no-go zones... Let's just say that to state that I've been having a frustrating week would be a big understatement.

So, in order to get over that, I went to L'anima for dinner with a friend, a friend who is, unfortunately, one of the two guys mentioned previously. During dinner, I said grace and added another prayer to God just asking him to let me forget everything I was feeling and just to enjoy the moment. Miracle of miracles, perhaps because of the prayer, perhaps because of the ambience and the great service and delicious food, I did. 

For dinner, I ate a main course of wild mushrooms taglioni with summer truffle (£14) which was simply divine, and had the dark chocolate iced truffle (£6) for dessert. The dessert was essentially a ball of chocolate gelato with hazelnuts generously coated with chocolate powder. It was divine.

By the end of dinner, I'd sobered up considerably from the three glasses of wine I'd consumed prior to dinner, and felt much happier, in spite of the prospect of having to return to work tomorrow.

I'm really glad I've moved to London, but there are some days when it just feels so frustrating to not have friends here who could help distract me from the worries currently plaguing me.

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