Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One of my best friends referred to the Lad as "Daniel Cleaver" out of Bridget Jones given how he looked and the fact that he worked in the same office as me. She subsequently told me not to go for the Daniel Cleavers of this world, and instead to go for Mark Darcy.

I took umbrage at this point, and told him I'd much rather think of the Lad as "Karl" from Love Actually, as Karl a) is really hot and b) seems like a nice guy in the movie, unlike Daniel Cleaver, although we both agreed it was rather rare to come across Brazilian model-types in our offices.

But I digress.

If ever there was a Mark Darcy that I know, I guess that would be the WBF, but seeing as it would be a tad inappropriate to keep referring to him as the WBF given the events which have transpired, I should change his pseudonym to MD. In any case, MD is a great guy: nice, gentlemanly, incredibly intelligent. Unfortunately, as mentioned in the earlier post, he is also too young and he works in my office.

This wasn't an issue with the Lad as he and I are of the same level in the office. MD is my junior. 

And, that, quite simply, will not do.

I never thought I would be grateful that I fancy the Lad as much as I do, but I am right now. I have been using how I feel about him as a shield to deflect all else!

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