Saturday, August 30, 2008

So yet another of my extended family has joined me in London for work. It's good, because I've been feeling rather lonely in this great big city. Most of the people I know here are people I work with. While they're for the most part great people, nevertheless, I just don't want to spend too much time with people I work with, especially because there's a danger I might let my guard down against people who just may use something against me later on.

In any case, my cousin is here, and he wants to hang out and introduce me to some of his friends which is very nice of him. I'm not terribly close to most of my extended family as I'm one of the youngest with the age gap between my older cousins and I rather significant at five years or greater. Then there're the one or two who are around my age and we get along swimmingly, this being one of them.

So, yes, I'm glad. I don't know even 10% as many people as I do in Singapore (or so it would feel) but at least this place just got a little less lonely.

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