Sunday, September 28, 2008

How cool was the first F1 night race in Singapore?

Even though the guy I was rooting for didn't get on the scoreboard, it was, nevertheless, a far more exciting race than I expected it to be. I don't think anyone expected Massa to have quite the disastrous race he had, nor the fact that there was more overtaking than expected, given the track had quite a few curves and bends (or so I'm told). Nor did I expect there to be so many crashes (Piquet, Sutil and Raikkonen) particularly since there was no rain at all. Given how tight the drivers' championship was before heading into today's race, I fully expect whoever was responsible for Massa's mess with the refuelling hose will be - rightfully - sacked.

How amazing a race did Alonso have? Starting in 15th and finishing in 1st? Blimey. Bloody brilliant bit of driving, that was!

I'm not at all a big F1 fan - or even a fan at all, though I don't mind watching the race and I do know some of the drivers' names - and MD started laughing at how just how into the race I was getting, particularly when the safety car came out with nine laps to go and I just started yelling, "Get off! Get off! It's not fun anymore!"

In any case, the race track looked stunning. 3.1 miles of incredibly brightly-lit roads - the track looked as bright as any day race I've ever caught on television - and yet, the beautiful skyline, particularly that of the CBD, looked awesome whenever the camera panned up the sparkling buildings.

You may think I'm slightly crazy for calling Singapore, but I have often felt Singapore to be a match for any city in the world in terms of beautiful skylines during the night. Just go to New Asia Bar and took a look out the window. It is a magnificent view.

And given the run-up to the race this year - the Red Bull party with Maxi Jazz of Faithless (d'oh!) on Thursday night, the Chivas Regal party with Chicane (double d'oh!) on Friday night and Carl Cox at Zouk last night - I wouldn't have needed to party for weeks!

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