Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I just completely snapped today. I felt so incredibly frustrated at what I was doing, and so terribly underappreciated that I just pretty much trudged through the later half of the afternoon in an angry funk while still trying to get some work done.

Later on, when grumbling to MD, turning the air blue with my gratituitous use of swear words, then ending off with an angry, "Maybe I should just move to the Middle East and join someone's harem..." only to hear a plaintive, slightly anguished mewl in protest in response.

It was so unexpected and so sweet that I just burst out into a startled laugh, then a small smile and then continued giggling as I realised that that was the first time I had laughed the whole day.

It's just been one of those days, I guess... and I'm so lucky to have such an understanding boyfriend who's capable of making me laugh even when I'm in the blackest of moods!

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