Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Angels, the costumier of the entertainment industry for the past 170 years, is having a big sale of vintage clothing from the '20s all the way to the '90s, as well as fancy dress costumes, on December 6th somewhere in Wembley.

Having acquired the BBC's costume collection, there is apparently now a huge overlap, and they will be selling up to 30,000 pieces on the day. With names such as Yves St. Laurent and Christian Dior, as well as period costumes on sale, surely this must be an exorbitantly priced vintage sale?

Not so. Anyone can fill a medium-sized bag for £10 or a large-sized bag for £20, purchasing as many bags as you can carry, and possibly even more! A separate bag will be available for costume jewellery for £20.

To give credence to a statement I made a few months back, vintage clothing auctioneer Kerry Taylor is quoted as saying, "Proper vintage is a better investment than putting it in a bank. Antique clothes are so undervalued for what they are" in this article in the Daily Telegraph.

The advice for investment purchases as stated in the article:
  • Go for the most expensive things you can afford and, where possible, stick to labelled haute couture pieces (i.e. hand-finished and with a client number behind the label)
  • Never to cut the fabric. This will reduce its value by a considerable amount.
  • Invest in key pieces and check for damages and moth holes.

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