Saturday, December 13, 2008

Avenue Q spoilers lie ahead.

Avenue Q was 95% incredibly funny and 5% incredibly painful. Under normal circumstances, the musical would be monstrously (hee hee hee) hilarious. Unfortunately, these are anything but normal circumstances, hence, topics such as being laid off and job hunting are still not topics I am able to handle without feeling any discomfort, while the break-up explored in the show doesn't really help matters either.

Still, it's a great show, and definitely unexpectedly, brashly, rudely funny, and, for the most part, the singers are talented, with my favourite being Rachel Jerram (I think) the singer who played Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut. Both characters sound very different, and it's a testament to the singer's ability that the moods and personalities of both characters come through. The other main lead - Daniel Boys who plays Princeton and Rod - wasn't too bad either, though, at first, I wasn't able to hear much of what he sang when he first came on.

My favourite songs - and there are so many! - would be There's a Fine Fine Line, The Internet is for Porn, Everybody's a Little Racist Sometimes, It Sucks to Be Me and For Now.

The show 'says furwell' on March 28th 2009 and I would encourage everyone to go see it if they haven't seen it already, and then to see it again! The original Broadway Kate Monster, Julie Atherton, will be playing most shows until the end of the season. 

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