Sunday, December 28, 2008

What a day. I've gone for my annual swim (note to self: must buy one piece swimsuit) and eaten nothing but fruit and assorted grains today (the fruit tart being a great combination of the two). I've carted my stuff back from P.'s where I've spent the last couple of days and will be spending a couple more later this week over the New Year.

I'll be returning to work tomorrow to polish up my job applications as I fully expect recruiters and companies to start thinking about work needs once 2009 begins even though we are in one of the worst economic downturns of all-time. I kind of have to think this way, because I can't afford to think otherwise. I don't quite have a Plan B/C at the moment, but, knowing me, will probably come up with one in a couple of months once I see exactly how the job market pans out for someone with my skills and ambitions.

Knowing just how difficult 2009 is looking at the moment, I desperately, desperately wish the New Year wasn't approaching so quickly. 2008 may have sucked in so many ways for me, but I can't shake the sense that 2009 just might be worse.

To top things off, temperatures have dropped to below zero today. Yeesh.

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