Saturday, January 24, 2009

As you may have guessed, I am returning to my domestic goddess roots as a result of my current situation. And because I haven't been utilising this particular skill of mine ever since my university days, I've been relying mainly on my trusty wok to rustle up dinner over the past week or so. Tonight, I cooked mini turkey cutlets seasoned with curry powder and lemon juice stir-fried with lettuce, capisicum and cherry tomatoes, with a final dash of soy sauce at the end.

It didn't turn out as expected; the moment I added in the vegetables, the stir-fry became unexpectedly moist (one reason why I will not be purchasing Tesco bean-sprouts and mushroom stirfry packet again, as I do not like overly moist dishes). However, I'm pleased to report the end-result was unexpectedly delicious. The tomatoes were very tangy (far more so than when eaten raw) and the flavour of the capisicum was nicely enhanced. The overall gravy was piquant and slightly spicy.


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