Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've swept the floor (twice), changed the sheets (to the ones featuring Chinese characters), and got a haircut. I have purchased a cake from one of my favourite bakeries, Konditor & Cook (at full price, because silly me forgot the voucher, and thought they would be nice enough to accept that I had it in PDF format on my Blackberry) for the reunion lunch tomorrow. As an aside, K&C are also the bakery I made my way to after hearing the news that my position would be cut because the first thing I thought was "I need cake." Honest to goodness. And because the shop nearest me have a "purchase four cakes for £6" deal after 3 pm (a saving of around £4), poor devastated me thought that there was a brilliant deal and ended up eating cake for the next week.

I've even bought myself a new dress from a Singaporean designer who has just moved to London for work. I may or may not wear it tomorrow, but it is my item of new clothing for the Year of the Ox. There may be more on the way, but I'm taking my time to think about the rest of the pieces I liked.

Yes sirree, I may be unemployed soon, but, as MD put it, I should take a bit of a break and just pamper myself just a little. That, and I did indeed get a bonus for the work I did last year. It's not a huge sum of money (it's over 75% down on what I received on the year before) but it is still something, and it should help tide me over for a couple of months.

I'm also a tad depressed, and the cold, wet weather has been getting to me, even though today's unexpected sunshine (which I hope translated into the photos I took) did cheer me up just a little right before a dehydration-induced headache struck.

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