Saturday, February 21, 2009

The cake is good, say P. and other guinea pig. Hurrah, says I. (Can you tell I'm in a bit of an Alan Clark Diaries mood?)

The only thing is, it makes you fall asleep very quickly, according to P. Not a problem. I've been having some difficulty sleeping lately, so it's good for someone like me... but probably not P. who ate it during his lunch break and had to go back to work.

Today's turning out to be a bit of a retro day for me. First, I caught up with an old friend (i.e. guinea pig) for dinner and drinks at my place. We chatted about everything before she caught the last tube back. I had intended to go out clubbing after that, but due to an unexpected wardrobe mishap (literally; the support for my wardrobe rail broke), I had to repack and redistribute my clothes.

I would love to say that I don't know how I managed to double or possibly triple my wardrobe in 14 months, but seeing as I was showing off my most recent vintage purchase (a Geoffrey Beene '80s Art Deco-inspired jacket) to my friend over dinner, that would clearly be a lie. Add that to my pack rat tendencies and you'd definitely say this was a long time coming.

I ended up sorting my clothes into "clothing which I loved when I was younger but wouldn't wear now", "work clothes", "expensive vintage clothes" and "clothes which I love, which I wouldn't wear now but can't bear to throw away and will re-visit in a few months". Now if only I could make some decent money out of the clothes I'm willing to dispose of...

After that, I proceeded to pour myself a stiff drink - I don't usually drink alone, but it's been an exceedingly long week - and watching Future Sound of London music videos, namely, Papua New Guinea and We Have Explosive. The latter prompted off some dancing in my living room (including an attempt at popping!) which probably annoyed the heck out of my downstairs neighbour.

Good stuff.

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