Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm wondering whether I should start up a post, or, heck, even an entire category devoted to all of my eBay treasures. It'll probably have to be a category, given that, I've received in excess of over 30 feedback comments in the past 12 months alone. *coughs*

This is why I shouldn't have been one of those to be retrenched; my spending habit alone would have helped to prop up the fragile UK economy.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share these two vintage/eBay blog finds. First up is Fashion Toast, run by Rumi, who also has her own store on eBay (Treasure Chest Vintage). I absolutely adore love her LA-style. And she's gorgeous! And she loves Léger too! I think I've got a girl-crush on her. Like seriously.

Next is eBay Fashion Addict, a blogger who, believe it or not, shares not just her favourite eBay vintage stores with the rest of the blogosphere, but also the auctions which are closing but currently still have low bids. I'm not sure I would be that generous with my finds if I were planning to bid on them too, but hey, who knows? That, and a true eBayer always opts to snipe. I've lost count of the number of auctions I've lost in the last five seconds. And it's such a thrill when I manage to pull one off myself. Heh.

Anyway, back to my eBay loot page... I'd love to share what I've bought with the rest of the world (or maybe just the three readers I have), but I value my privacy greatly (in a weird "yes, but I still maintain a public blog" sort of way), so if I do share them, it'll have to be the not-so-instantly-recognisable ones, like the long, red BCBG evening gown I acquired not too long ago (as every lady needs an LRD on top of an LBD), as opposed to the multi-coloured Hervé Léger vintage dress or psychedelic op art mod dress I purchased last year. Still, given that I haven't quite had the occasions to wear these gems, even if I do live in London where anything goes, it'll be a shame if no one gets to see them. What do you think?

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