Monday, March 09, 2009

I cleaned up my flat today. I still have way too many things, but, for the first time since my parents left, the couch and sofa are clear, and there's still space on both coffee tables and my work table to put things on. My watches and keys are organised on one table, while my accessories have been arranged in several boxes. I have two large bags of clothing to give away or sell, I've tucked away my roller blades in a neat corner, and moved some bags and boxes to other spots to make more efficient use of what was once dead space.

It's the kind of cleaning mood that strikes one every once in a while (usually in the weeks before an exam), but I guess it's also the kind of mood which hits you when you're trying to make a fresh, new start. And today, I've begun that not just by cleaning this flat, but also by uploading a new profile photo onto my Facebook.

You'd think the latter was just a small step, but if you knew the story behind the old photo - a photo in which showed I looked incredibly happy and stunning while chatting on the phone with MD - you can see why I felt the need to show just how much more smoking and stunning I've become since we broke up. It's one of several mutant powers I possess (the others being the power of the blindingly obvious, and - for a brief period of time - the ability to send any guy I dated back to their ex-girlfriend) - and I plan to exercise it to its fullest now that I'm free to play.

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