Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've gotten into the habit of having the occasional hot drink prior to going to bed, particularly if I've had a lot to eat at dinner, which was indeed the case tonight. I attended a seminar aimed at Singaporeans regarding UK tax regulations partly because the new UK tax regulations are very confusing, but mostly because the event was going to be catered by Kiasu

What? I'm a true Singaporean. Deal with it.

So, even though I was on a bit of a diet to cope with having had a burgerlicious weekend, I ended up consuming torpedo prawns, nyonya chicken curry, chicken rice with black sauce (!!), prawn toast (!!!) and chicken wings (!!!!). Shiok lah.

Anyway, back to the hot cocoa. I dug out a tin of Tesco Cocoa Powder which I'd bought for baking (because hey, cocoa powder's cocoa powder, right?) and made myself a cup of hot cocoa the way my friend had made one for me earlier in the year (except that she used Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate): Add one teaspoon of cocoa. Mix in a little milk and stir until the powder turns into a thin paste. Add in more milk, and heat the beverage up in the microwave until warm.

It was terrible. There wasn't any chocolate-ly taste, and the drink wasn't even at all sweet, which I guess I should have expected given that I'd used pure cocoa powder and milk only after all. Still, I doubt the addition of sugar would have remedied this. Where did I go wrong?

I guess next time, I'll have to try one of these bad boys. Or maybe I should make my own mix as these guys have suggested. If anyone has any advice on this front, it would be most gratefully received. My (soft) drinks-making ability is pretty much limited to instant coffee, tea and Milo... and even for Milo, it's just the three-in-one kind!

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