Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Paper Cinema with Roger Eno turned out to be a whimsical, absurd, surreal 30 minutes of paper puppetry theatrical beauty. Part silent film, part musical extravaganza, part wayang kulit-like shadow puppet theatre except with incredibly detailed paper cut-outs and part pure imagination, the experience that was the Paper Cinema was a thoroughly enchanting affair. 

Roger Eno, on piano, keyboards and accordion, scored the music which played continuously throughout the performance, while illustrator Nic Rawlings and his female co-show-maker set the scene with their many paper cut-outs. The show was about the dream world, about the various dreams that each inhabitant of the little town was having, from strange dreams about cycling to hitchhiking to an ordinary bus ride filled with rather unusual passengers, including a man with a human parrot on his shoulder and a copulating couple. It was, in a word, absolutely beautiful.

When the show came to an end, I felt disappointed. Not by the performance. Not at all. But because the show was over. For 30 minutes, I had been thoroughly mesmerised by the performance, and to have to leave the theatre, to leave all that beauty behind... it wasn't easy.

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