Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'll admit it gives me a certain vicious pleasure to MD's team going downhill... approximately right around the time we started having problems. I didn't feel anything towards his team before we started going out, and started to respect it a little more when we were a couple (not because it was MD's team, but because it's a determined, tenacious team which doesn't have a lot of money), but after everything that's happened, I am incredibly happy that Manchester United crushed them not too long ago, and that my team continues to look spectacular.

Just like their supporter, I might add.

I feel a little like a phoenix rising from the ashes - or just in the beginning stages, when the phoenix's recovering from the self-immolation and still very confused and uncertain about what has just happened, but still destined to turn into a gloriously, beautiful, fantastic creature.

And I acknowledge that to connect this to my favourite football team is a bit of a stretch... but I'll take all that I can get right now. 

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