Tuesday, March 03, 2009

There's a quote in The Case of the Imaginary Detective by Jane Fowler (a not particularly good book, I might add) about luck and misfortune which I felt applied to me - and possibly to everyone else feeling down. It went alone these lines: telling someone that there're others much worse off than you, even after you've suffered some misfortune, doesn't help at all. It's one thing to count your blessings, it's another to say that there's a degrees of misfortune bell curve and we're not allowed to say anything if we're not in the bottom 20%.

I probably messed the meaning of what Ms. Fowler tried to say by quite a bit, but hey.

This morning, I learnt that my new mobile phone would, in fact, not be arriving today, but tomorrow at the very earliest, because a bug in the mobile service provider's system resulted in all orders in their final stages - including mine - being cancelled, without the customers being informed. I've had it up to here with all the inefficiency in this damn country. DAMN IT.

I know it's a disproportionate response to an admittedly small thing in the grand scheme of everything that's happened... but that's precisely it. Everything's happened. I officially enter the world of unemployment this Thursday, and as a friend put it, no matter how tough everyone says you are, the real test will come after a few months, once the news has sunk in and you're still out there looking for something.

I guess that time is now.

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