Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whitecross Market banner against a background of the ugly yet striking Barbican

Tried the by-now-incredibly-famous Whitecross Market coffee this afternoon, having some time to kill before heading off for a fascinating talk by Frank Casey on he, his colleague Harry Markopolos, and their nine year quest to get the SEC to look into Bernie Madoff. I'll blog about the talk some other time, as this isn't the main focus of this post.

Anyway, UK Barista of the Year for 2009 Gwilym Davies wasn't around. Instead, a friendly female barista made my flat white. She asked not to be in the photo, so all I have of her is the top of her head, behind the row of cups on top of the coffee machine.

And it was a very nice flat white too, with a nice, if simple, piece of latte art on top. Definitely woke me up. The drink that is, not the art. I'll have to return some time to try out Gwilym's coffee... especially his signature drink, though I don't think he offers that on a regular basis!


Fat Les said...

My word, I thought about coming here today, one day we're just going to bump into each other!

Little Miss Random said...

Indeed we are! London's an incredibly big city, and yet so small at the same time.