Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wow! U2 tickets for Wembley sold out in three minutes, although I could still find the odd single seating ticket at 1.45 pm, almost five hours after the sale opened at 9 am. Fortunately for me, I'd already secured my tickets at the pre-sale (cue *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*).

Now, I've got friends clamouring to buy a ticket off me, but the problem is that I know how much they're worth now, and while it wasn't my intent when I maxed out my allocation, I'm also in a position where I'm no longer reliant on a stable income flow, so the value I want to realise for my unexpected advantage is now higher, particularly since I paid $50 for pre-sale excess.

Plus, I did the work, so I'd like to get compensated for that as well. Shoe leather costs, if you will. Fortunately for me, for the most part, my friends were economics students and/or work in financial services, and do understand my way of thinking, so it's cool.

I just feel a little bad, that's all. Damn this Catholic guilt complex.

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