Monday, May 11, 2009

Basement Jaxx - Raindrops is probably going to be the dance anthem of the summer, and deservedly so. It's an utterly amazingly happy song and features Felix Buxton on vocals. The song's slightly reminiscent of Romeo some years back, but is better in a more chaotically ecstatic way. And it gets better with every listen.

Some reviewers have called this the Jaxx's comeback. As far as I'm concerned, they never really went away. Granted, they haven't had any stellar hits in the last few years, and while Oh My Gosh and Good Luck could be considered hits in their own right, their success pales in comparison to songs such as Where's Ur Head At? - the best dance anthem in the world ever - and Red Alert. But, still, they didn't split up, nor did they go away. They've always been here, producing their own unique brand of funky electro.

But enough from me. Give it a listen. I defy you not to come away from this tune just that little bit happier.

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