Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sedap on Old Street is a great place if you love Singaporean and Malaysian food. Located just at the end of Whitecross Street, it's a gem that's amazingly close to the City.

Sedap (before the dinner crowd)

I first went to Sedap close to two months ago, when my friends and I got together to plan a surprise for a good friend. During that particular visit, we had the Malaysian tofu (deep fried tofu in peanut sauce) and sambal brinjal to share for our starters. For the mains, we all ordered the Penang char kway teow, as did almost everyone else in the restaurant that night.

Malaysian tofu (£3.90)

Sambal brinjal (£4.80)

Penang char kway teow (£6.95)

The sambal brinjal and the char kway teow were delicious, while the Malaysian tofu was all right. The only thing is, at £4.80, the brinjal dish isn't exactly the cheapest in the world.

The next time I returned to Sedap was on Sunday night. My friend and I had been arranging to meet up for a laksa dinner for the longest time but just never got around to it (you know how it is) so we'd decided to celebrate my new job by finally eating some laksa. The only problem was that I hadn't eaten laksa in London before, nor had she, and we didn't quite know where to go. I turned to the authority on Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine in London, namely, bellaphon, and he suggested Sedap.

So Sedap it was!

To start off, my friend, who isn't Singaporean but loves the food, ordered the Malaysian chicken satay (four sticks for £4.90). I'm of the opinion that you don't get good satay outside of South-East Asia, and this was no different. I mean it was decent, but not spectacular. I found the peanut sauce a little bitter which was rather odd, but it wasn't enough to put me off eating it.

And for our mains, we shared a Singapore laksa and a char kway teow. The char kway teow was just as good as the first time I ate it. As for the laksa, it was simply sedap lah. It wasn't anywhere as spicy as the ones you get back in Singapore, but given that it's London, it was good enough.

Singapore laksa (£6.80)

And good news for those who live or work in the City! Sedap offers free delivery and a 5% discount for all orders above £10.

And here's where I put in a belated blog thanks to bellaphon for lunch at one of East London's hidden gems on the day I was to have the laksa dinner. Muchos gracias!

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