Friday, May 15, 2009

Whenever I get a copy of The London Paper, one of the columns I eventually end up turning to is the one where people text in a little message to someone they've seen but were too shy to go up to. I guess it's something akin to the Missed Connections section of CraigsList, but more public, and with a possibility that the other person may recognise a particular encounter as described in 140 characters or however many that are allowed.

While I like reading the posts - I guess it's kind of like a study of human interaction - I'll admit a small part of me hopes that I'll one day find myself in there. Not because I think there's a Prince Charming out there who'll notice me as I sit opposite him in the train or what not. But just so that I can say, hey, the sheer force of my personality made someone notice me enough to go to the trouble of writing in. In other words, the same reasoning why I liked listening to Flirty at 9.30.

In my previous job, the chances of my appearing on that page were very low. I walked to work, after all, and never ever bumped into anyone. In my new job, however, I commute, so the probability has increased just a little bit. But with my luck, rather than offering to buy me a drink or what not sometime, the post will read something like this:
To the Chinese lady who tumbled head over heels down the stairs at [censored] tube on Thursday morning, you're a clutz and you need less slippery shoes. Don't wear heels if you can't handle them!
For that's precisely what happened. Except that it had nothing to do with heels and I have no idea how or why I fell the way I did. I'm just lucky that I decided to wear trousers to work, or I would have ended up with no skin on both my shins. Yowtch!

That's not even the worst part. Not a single person tried to help me. I heard someone ask if I was all right, but when I got to my feet, there was not a kind soul in sight. One of my best friends said that I shouldn't have been my typical tough girl and pulled myself up that quickly (even though I had to lean against the wall after that), and that I should have "played it like the Italian football team, and [stayed] on the ground for longer in order to milk sympathy."



bellaphon said...

Do you know I once tried to help a young lady who tripped over carrying too many bags of Primark shopping. First she shouted she had a boyfriend and the next thing she said 'was piss off back where you come from'! Charming!

Little Miss Random said...


I'd like to think I'd help someone if they fell badly, but I haven't quite had that experience yet. And if someone had tried to help me, well, while I'd keep one hand on my bag at all times, I think I would have appreciated the gesture!