Tuesday, June 30, 2009

As I left the flat this morning, I called back to my house guest and apologised for having to get to work so early, explaining I was “off to shape my future.”

The words just came out of my mouth, without my realising what I was going to say.

That phrase stayed with me the whole morning, and, ultimately, gave my the strength to do what it was I needed to do, as I sat at my desk, waiting for the right moment when I could catch the head of a team that had just been set up alone. That moment came and I pounced on it and made my pitch.

While it may not lead to anything immediate – or even anywhere at all in the future – at the very least, I can take pride in the fact that I have, for the most part, always tried to make my own path.

And isn't that what living to the fullest is all about? Having the courage to take risks? Whether it's something as small - and, yet, as fear-inspiring - as talking to the cute guy at the bar, or as big as approaching a work colleague to tell them you'd like to get involved in what it is they're doing?

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