Saturday, July 04, 2009

It was more than a little strange to walk by the magazine rack of Waterstone's and see Q Magazine's cover featuring Michael Jackson. Not that there aren't many other magazines with MJ on the cover this week (Hello! and Time being two which spring to mind), but this seemed to be a feature that was done prior to his passing. I reached for the magazine and flipped to the cover story. Fair enough, the opening lines went something along the lines of "prior to kicking off his mega-tour... the king of comebacks."

Now, I'm not an MJ fan - certainly not at all on a personal level - but I did respect his musical genius. Say what you like about him, he produced some great tunes. I may be a house-head, a swing dancer and a Britpop fan most of the time, but, for me, the one song which is guaranteed to get me on the dance floor, heck even just a part of that tune, is Billie Jean, the greatest dance tune ever made. 

I'm not overly sorrowful over his death. As I said, I'm not a fan. And I don't think I could name anyone in the performing acts whose death would make me all that sad with the possible exception of Bono. But I do know some friends who were huge fans of MJ, so much so that I actually felt compelled to send them my best wishes. They've written their own tributes to MJ, and, while it's not something I share, it's something I certainly understand.

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