Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In spite of the flu, I have recommenced dancing... specifically, swing dancing, my first love and one which I gave up upon entering the wonderful world of work many years ago. But, seeing as my new job, inconveniently located though it is, affords me the time to go out and pursue hobbies, and after seeing the incredible dancing les fran├žais indulged in at my friend's wedding, I decided I missed it far too much to go on without it. But rather than go diving straight in, I'm dipping my toe into the waters by re-taking the beginner level classes. It's not too bad, even though I'm itching to go further, something which the teacher recognises, given that my styling shows even though I'm trying not to show off in the class.

I really would like to learn West Coast Swing though. It just seems a little more versatile, music-wise. If only there were classes in central London, rather than somewhere out in the boondocks!

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