Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It seems more than a little odd that whenever someone else asks about one of my ex-boyfriends, another one - or even two - will pop up... not in the same conversation, but just that another one will get in touch, mysteriously, as if I've somehow managed to summon up the ghost of boyfriends past.

So, in the post-wedding conversations, it was inevitable that my old friends whom I haven't seen in close to ten years would start quizzing me on how my life was going. In the process, we discovered that my ex-boyfriend was now going out with someone who I'd known had a crush on a good guy friend of mine, the same guy friend whom I like but would never do anything about because of any number of reasons, including, but not restricted to the fact that he's an ex of a good friend of mine, although I need to stress that my feelings for him while they were together were nothing more than platonic.

But I digress. When I had confirmation that the ex was indeed seeing someone else, even though it's been ages and I have absolutely no desire to get back together with him, I still felt a slight twinge. Fortunately for me, another friend mentioned - in relation to another incident not involving me or any of my ex-boyfriends - that she thought it was perfectly normal that people would feel something upon hearing the news, which made me feel better.

And then, as we were driving to the airport, I looked at my phone only to discover two missed calls from another ex-boyfriend.

Strange, how all these things seem to occur in clusters.

As for the most recent ex... well, a member of his family passed away just a few days ago. I know he loved that person dearly even though they're not related by blood, and a part of me wants to be there for him, because he doesn't talk to anyone when he's upset, but I'm refraining, because I recognise the cost of my being there for him is a price I'm not exactly willing to pay. I'm still angry, and I still hate him - because that's really the only way I ever get over people - but I still care. But, for now, I'm keeping it all electronic.

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