Sunday, July 05, 2009

I'm truly getting into the great English summer spirit. I spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon watching the Wimbledon men's finals with two good friends, one of whom was gracious enough to put up with my newbie questions, given that I don't follow tennis. Aside from the random scatters of applause and cheers from me after a particular good exchange (I was on the side of Federer as, to put it mildly, he's not American), the match also elicited some great comments from me such as:

Me [after watching the middle linesman almost get clobbered by a serve from Roddick]: Wah lau, his job is damn jia lat.

Friend: That's Bjorn Borg.
Me: He looks like a strip club owner.
Friend: And you would know how they look like because... ?
Me: Peter Stringfellow's frequently in the papers.
I then whipped out my BlackBerry to Google Peter Stringfellow and showed his picture to my friend.
Friend: Wow, you're right. I'm never going to doubt you again.

Seriously, though, kudos to Andy Roddick for playing a great game. While he must be feeling disappointed at how close he came to winning, truth be told, he gave it his all - as did Roger Federer - and that's nothing he can fault himself for. He had a good game tactically (I learnt about body serves and 'cheap points' from the commentator and just kept going "how on earth can anyone return those?!" whenever Roddick served up an ace) and he was most definitely not the pushover many people expected him to be. As for R-Fed? Man, is he cool under pressure. I sure wish I had his composure. And even after four hours of intense tennis, the man didn't even looked tired in the slightest. Whoa!

Overall, it was a great game, and I'm glad my friend suggested we catch it because I wouldn't have bothered to do so otherwise.

Funniest moment of the match for me? When Andy Roddick was bouncing the ball, lost his grip on it and had to chase after it during the tie-break in the second set. The crowd was silent, but Boris Becker on commentary duty just went, "Oh my God." Hah!

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