Monday, August 24, 2009

Although a seemingly odd combination, I am incredibly fond of popping candy and chocolate. I first came across this at The Grove hotel, where I had taken a large piece of the chocolate but didn't realise what it contained, until about one minute later when I realised something was going on in my mouth. (Hey, I was hung over, give me a break.)

Montezuma's now offer up their version, called Zwickies, which I bought just yesterday. The first two pieces were disappointing; all snap and crackle, but no pop. But the third piece was incredibly satisfying. Plenty of fizzing, popping candy for your buck.

One could probably make some based off Chubby Hubby's take on Heston Blumenthal's Popping Candy cake. I knew I should have spent my last ten Norwegian Kroners on a bag of popping candy when I was there a couple of weeks back!

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