Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My vacation is coming to an end much too soon. I'm exhausted just thinking about the amount of appointments and meetings I have packed into the next couple of days. It's sad that there're only 24 hours in each day to do all the things I want to do, and that the unfortunate reality is that I have far too many friends, and, in order to meet up with a decent number of them, I'm not spending that much time with my parents - if at all - this week. I guess it's good that I spent virtually every dinner with them and the weekend with them last week, but, still, I feel bad.

On another note, it has been fantastic meeting up with friends and catching up on their lives. And, I'll admit, hearing a "You look damn good!" from a guy I used to date (and who is now attached) and pretending to not notice his appreciative glance from top to toe is pretty damn good in itself too.

And on yet another note, if Singapore's retail spending/consumption numbers do not show any improvement for the month of September, I'll be absolutely gobsmacked. When I say that I have spent more than a month's salary in less than ten days back home, I may actually be underestimating the numbers somewhat! And that's pre-Charles and Keith too.

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