Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yet another Coldplay/music video post. Yes! This time, it's for the incredibly cheery Life in Technicolour II which has the one of the most uplifting guitar intros that I've ever heard. Director Dougal Wilson has turned Coldplay into puppets and it's just such a treat to watch them rock out... especially when Chris Martin indulges in a spot of crowd-surfing!

During their gig at Wembley, Life in Technicolour II positively resonated throughout the stadium. I'm really glad I decided to stay on after my friends left because that was one of the many highlights of their concert.

Right now, I feel like if this song comes on when I'm in a place where I can just dance - not crazy dance - but just spin round and round and round in sheer happiness and ecstasy, I will. 

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