Saturday, November 14, 2009

On this most windy and rainy of days, I have chickened out of checking out Kaffeine (alliteration rocks, does it not?) and have, instead, stayed home to play the really cool Sherlock Holmes viral Facebook game. You can play as either Sherlock Holmes with a friend as Dr. Watson (or the other way around), or be like me and choose to play both (it's not because I have no friends. Honest!). All you need is a Facebook account.

I am also sort of getting back into the whole shopping thing. Not that I ever got out of it, to be perfectly frank, but there really haven't been too many pieces that've rocked my world to the point that I'd kill to have one. There's been the Issa dress, as well as the Preen Power Bandage dress (both in electric blue, my absolutely favourite colour, and both for the past few months, and in the case of Issa, over a year now). On a much shorter time scale (i.e. over the past week), there've been the 1940s velvet dress which made me look like the classiest girl this side of the Atlantic, this really cute Tara Starlet dress (I love the red buttons and buckle and the tie-sleeves!), and this Bettie Page sailor reproduction dress which looks adorable on Leighton Meester, but I'm not sure if it'll look that good on me given that I've a pear-shaped figure, and not an hourglass one. I haven't watched Gossip Girl in a while, and that's probably a good thing, given how much I'd love to have Blair's wardrobe... but preferably without the craziness that accompanies it.

So that's how my cold, wet Saturday has been going so far. What else should one do if one doesn't have a fireplace and a warm, snug rug to curl up on and fall asleep?

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